Patrick, Senior Engineering Director,, is passionate about solving global problems with software. His team builds disruptive technology for a better world. They do this with software innovation, working with governments, industry, and radical thinkers. Primary focus areas are: Internet Access, Energy, Civic Innovation, and Crisis Response (

Patrick has 18 years of experience building software systems and teams. Before, he built platforms and infrastructure for Google’s advertising business and developed systems that provided agility and a competitive advantage for Google. During 11 years at Microsoft he led teams creating operating systems, databases, business applications, and cloud based systems.

Patrick Copeland of on risking the brand to empower people with information

In this video, Patrick Copeland, Senior Engineering Director, reveals his mission to create “disruptive technology for a better world.“ From tornado warning systems to the Kenyan elections, he and his team are live-mapping the world to empower people with information.

Patrick Copeland of on why pretotyping is at the heart of real innovation

In this video, Patrick Copeland, Senior Engineering Director, unpicks why in just one year 80% of 2.5k new products failed, why 76% of new products are just ‘me too’ or incremental innovation, and why pretotyping is at the heart of true innovation.

Reconnect 2: Making Change Happen

Take a look at the photos from the second Reconnect event for Wavelength Connect 2013. Back at Sheepdrove Eco Conference Centre, this event focused on “Making Change Happen” – what are the tools you need to drive change through your organisation. These photos will give you a great sense of our events, and how we create stimulating and inspirational environments for our members.