We are all living in a hyper-connected world – at a personal, digital and global level – what does that mean to you and your organisation? Check out the posts below to find out more.

On Your Marks Stimulography

Our Connect members were exposed to a vast array of great content and stimulus at On Your Marks 2013.  Here is our stimulography of some of the resources mentioned during the talks. Hawthorne Experiments Gerard Van Grinsven Marketing Myopia – …

Lisa Gansky – 45 Links to Sites that Prove “Access Trumps Ownership”

Lisa Gansky is an entrepreneur, investor, instigator, speaker, and author of the book, 'The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing'. In this video and article you’ll find info about Lisa, why ‘Sharing’ is the future, plus more than 45 links to useful, disruptive, interesting websites on Crowdfunding, Reuse, and Connected Services.

The Myths & Realities of Africa & Technology: Erik Hersman Explains

In this 9-minute video, Erik Hersman talks about his background. His parents were linguistic missionaries in southern Sudan, giving him access to computers before many around the world, despite living in Sudan and Kenya. He continues on this theme, showing that Africa is far more nuanced, and far more technology centric than we generally hear.

Carole Stone on the Joy of Networking

Carole Stone is a master networker. Previous producer of BBC 4’s flagship programme “Any Questions?”, a freelance journalist, broadcaster and media consultant. In this short video Carole give us some useful tips on networking, how to run your own sessions, how to walk into and work a room and reinforces the benefits of bringing people together.

Carole Stone Wavelength Speaker

Twitter for Good

As the UK starts to talk about closing down social media networks as a future strategy for control (read background here) watch this clip about TwitterForGood giving great examples of the power of social media.  And learn the 5 step …

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