How do you instil a culture of innovation in your organisation? How do you ‘pretotype’ products and services at speed and low cost? How do great companies continue to innovate at scale? Check out the posts below to find out more.

Adrian’s Silicon Valley Insights

“The world’s first voice activated hotel room, the consumerization of everything and the advent of the brain machine interface” These were just a few of the trends/themes emerging from the fascinating discussions I held last week as I planned next year’s Wavelength USA programme with key thought leaders in the heart of Silicon Valley.”

We share what Wavelength observed & learnt on Best in Class 2017

Stepping into other organisations is a powerful way to sharpen focus on your own culture, organisational effectiveness and leadership. Not because the organisations visited on Best In Class are perfect but because they help illuminate what’s strong, precious and worth building on in your own organisation alongside those flaws, deficits and areas of underperformance that must be addressed. Moreover, the visits provide invaluable inspiration and ideas for how to tackle them.

So what of this year’s cohort of BIC organisations?

Illustrations of the talks from Connect 2016 On Your Marks event

Our wonderful illustrators, Matt and Danny, produced these illustrations live at On Your Marks as our speakers were speaking. A wonderful record of the stories and insights each speaker shared with us. Click on each to view a larger image and enjoy!

Some stimulating reading and videos ahead of Wavelength USA Tour 2015!

Wavelength USA is one of our two annual study tours. Wavelength USA gives our participants unique opportunities to get inside some of America’s most pioneering and successful businesses and into the heart of the digital revolution in Silicon Valley.

The Century of the Generals and Sustainability

Lisa Gansky, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Instigator, has been an entrepreneur for about 20 years, specialising in internet related businesses.  She draws on this wealth of experience to talk to the new Connect 2014 delegates about the shift in the way that organisations are run in the 21st Century.

David Gram on how LEGO continues to invent the future of play through intrapreneurship

In this video, David Gram, Head of Business and Marketing Development, Future Lab, reveals how LEGO nearly lost it all, the challenges the organisation continues to face, and how they are innovating inside the larger organisation to ensure that they will “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”.

Patrick Copeland of on risking the brand to empower people with information

In this video, Patrick Copeland, Senior Engineering Director, reveals his mission to create “disruptive technology for a better world.“ From tornado warning systems to the Kenyan elections, he and his team are live-mapping the world to empower people with information.

Patrick Copeland of on why pretotyping is at the heart of real innovation

In this video, Patrick Copeland, Senior Engineering Director, unpicks why in just one year 80% of 2.5k new products failed, why 76% of new products are just ‘me too’ or incremental innovation, and why pretotyping is at the heart of true innovation.

The Dollar Shaving Club

Google used this video to show the power of using video to promote brands and products cost effectively whilst providing considerable reach, frequency and engagement.