Dr Nadia Shouraboura CEO & Founder, Hointer

Talks about  Digital Disruption, Innovation, Leadership
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Dr. Nadia Shouraboura was born in Soviet Russia. Her work in machine learning attracted the attention of Princeton University where she was offered a scholarship and received a PhD in Mathematics. Her research resulted in several important papers, referenced by over 200 publications.

Nadia joined Amazon.com in March of 2004 and served on Jeff Bezos’ executive team responsible for overall direction and operations of Amazon. Under her guidance as the Head of Worldwide Supply Chain and Fulfillment, Amazon achieved the largest product selection on earth and implemented a novel retail supply chain controlling the move of every item, every associate and every package with precision in real time, worldwide.

During her work on Amazon’s acquisition of Zappos Nadia started to think about the ultimate experience of shopping for tactile items.  She left Amazon to open a high-end Seattle men’s denim store, Hointer, with the vision to change the physical retail experience from the inside out.

The sales floor is a showroom instead of a stockroom. Inventory is arranged in a micro-warehouse in the back of the store, invisible to customers. Fitting rooms are equipped with two chutes—one in, one out. Customers have a new way to shop in store using gestures, mobile devices and magic wands and items magically appear in fitting rooms in under 30 seconds. Customers love the new Hointer store experience it’s been featured in 1000+ publications worldwide and Hointer now licenses its technology to other retailers.

Hointer is now working with an array of top retail brands globally and Nadia is in much demand as a key-note speaker on IOT and the future of retail.

Nadia lives in Seattle with her husband Charlie. Their daughter Caroline studies mathematics and machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University.


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