Lisa Gansky Silicon Valley Entrepreneur, Angel Investor and Instigator

Talks about  Digital Disruption, Innovation, Leadership, Transformation
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Lisa is a relentless instigator, serial entrepreneur, best selling author, TED speaker, podcast host, international keynote speaker, investor and business strategist with deep expertise in the creation of new business categories, models and innovation development platforms, practices and teams. Gansky has completed a second book to be published late 2017 called Radical Trust. How blockchain liberates our next economy. Her first book, The Mesh: Why the Future of Business is Sharing laid out the framework for and import of what we now call the Sharing Economy. Called the most prescient person he’s ever met, by Seth Godin, Lisa has made a career by ‘seeing around corners’. She was co-founder and CEO of the first commercial website, sold to AOL and the first digital photo sharing service, sold to Kodak. Today, Gansky is the founder and Chief Instigator of Mesh Ventures and Instigating + Co. She has been a strategic adviser and consultant to Apple, Barclays, BBVA, Fujitsu, GE, Google, Guardian Life, Mozilla, Statoil and Swisscom.

Mesh Ventures is dedicated to working on business and societal transformation in partnership with corporations. Lisa speaks, writes, invests and consults on the topics of business model innovation, creating a culture and strategies for innovation, trust, blockchain and unleashing entrepreneurship and the fiction of digital transformation. Lisa is an advisor and investor in: 11FS, Breather, Clear Cove Energy, Everledger, Fabl, Feastly, La Ruche Qui Di Oui, Honest Buildings, Munchery, Muse AI, Neighborly, Science Exchange, Solar Mosaic, TaskRabbit, Traity, Tripping, Turo and Yerdle.


The Sharing Economy