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Talks about  Culture, Digital Disruption, Leadership
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Steve is one of Silicon Valley’s hottest properties when it comes to people, talent and culture. As Founder of Cadigan Talent Ventures LLC, a Silicon Valley-based talent strategies advisory firm, Steve helps organisations worldwide develop winning talent solutions. His specialties include assisting high growth companies with change management, acquisition integration, converting culture into a competitive advantage, leading and scaling in hyper-growth, assisting organisations through IPO transitions and providing actionable steps for retaining and attracting the very best technical talent to elevate business performance.

His background in HR and leadership development is impeccable. He spent four years as the exec at LinkedIn responsible for culture, leadership, talent and organisational development.  During his tenure LinkedIn went though “hyper growth’ growing from 400 to 3,500 employees and expanding to 25 countries to become one of the world’s most successful internet companies. The groundbreaking work Steve did at LinkedIn is widely seen as THE textbook example of how a company can leverage its culture to scale profitably in record time.

Earlier in his career, Steve was responsible for building the acquisition integration team at Cisco Systems. Under his leadership the business integrated over fifty companies in four years and was recognised by both the Wall Street Journal and Fortune Magazine for being a “World Class M&A Practice”.

Most recently Steve co-founded Silicon Valley’s new ISDI Digital University. ISDI offers a Master’s Degree in Internet Business (MIB) starting this Spring. This is  the first of its kind in the United States, the MIB will be delivered to students by some of Silicon Valley’s top tech and business leaders.

Steve is frequently sought out as a talent expert on global TV and has been a regular guest on Bloomberg West and CNBC. He is also a regular contributor to Forbes with his column Talent Hacking. He has been interviewed by Forbes, Bloomberg Business, SF Chronicle, Human Resource Executive Magazine, HR Magazine, Quartz, The Channel Company’s IT Best of Breed, Spain’s Expansion and El Pais, Colombia’s El Tiempo and Portafolio, and Mexico’s CNNExpansión, among others.



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“Without a doubt, Steve Cadigan is my #1 go-to for all things HR. While I was scalingTwitter, Steve was a great partner for vigorous discussions around strategy, priorities and emergency response! He takes a machete to the noise and gets right to the heart of the issue. What I found most redeeming (and unique) was Steve really held the philosophy that all business decisions are people decisions. He is wholly convinced that people are your greatest competitive advantage, and knows you build a great organization by helping people do their best work. He's a role model, and my HR hero.” Janet Van Buysse, VP of Human Resources, Twitter 

"Steve blew me away the first time we met. His honesty, passion and obsession about the power of people in the workplace opened my eyes to the possibilities open to great businesses with great people who work together on a common goal. Steve tells with candour the story of Linked In from start up to IPO. He has engaged audiences at my request from C-Suite to front line employees and inspired them to create environments where best people flourish and create real value. I overheard one employee leaving Steve’s talk saying “I get it…it’s all about people!" Karen Bowes, VP International HR, Capital One

"If you have a chance to work with Steve Cadigan—for any reason at all—grab it! You will learn a lot. You will enjoy the experience. You will benefit from knowing and working with Steve in ways large and small. And it’s not just about the work. It’s about what kind of person Steve is. Trust me: you want to work with Steve." Alan Webber, Former Managing Editor, HBR & Co-Founder, Fast Company Magazine

"I count myself fortunate that after seeing Steve speak at large venue in London, I was able to convince him to spend a few days with my UK business, one day talking talent and digital transformation with my leadership team and the second day holding a series of expert speaker events open to our entire UK organization. Steve was fantastic in both settings: insightful, incisive, thought-provoking, engaging and an amazing mix of humble and challenging. He drew rave reviews from employees across the business, and I know he has significantly accelerated the change the leadership team is driving." Chris Newark, Head of International at Capital One

"The BBC asked Steve to come and speak at one of our leadership events this summer. We were attracted by his story of competing for talent in Silicon Valley during a time of massive growth at LinkedIn. His familiarity with both tech industry and people issues made him a great fit for our needs. Steve was relaxed and informal but professional and impactful. He did a great job on the day and was well received by our leaders - who are a discerning audience. Thank you, Steve!" Roger Coles, Learning & Development Manager, BBC