Dr Zella King

Zella is an Executive Fellow at Henley Business School and Co-Founder and Director of Personal Boardroom, a company that helps people build their networks in a structured, purposeful way, focusing on quality not quantity.

Used primarily by companies for talent management and diversity, Personal Boardroom helps rising stars assign 6-12 people in their network to play the 12 key roles they need to help them succeed. Clients include Accenture, Hertz, Lloyds Banking Group and Top Right Group.

Before creating Personal Boardroom with executive coach Amanda Scott, Zella was a business school professor at Henley Business School. Her research on career management and networks has been published in top academic journals, and the Personal Boardroom framework draws its inspiration from academic research on the network of high-performers. Zella’s book, Who is in your Personal Boardroom? How to choose people, assign roles and have conversations with purposewritten with Amanda Scott, was published in October 2014.

Zella has delivered keynote speeches at Google, BBC, Eli Lilly, BNY Mellon and UBS. Her insights are featured alongside Tom Peters and Seth Godin in the Audvisor app which delivers TED-like insights from experts in their fields. She gave a TEDx talk on the science of social networks to a youth audience in 2011.