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Inside Aravind Tour

Aravind Eye Care System has a purpose to ‘eradicate needless blindness’ and since inception in 1976 it has treated over 58.5m patients and performed over 6.8m eye surgeries.

Between 27-31 January, 2019 join us as we go inside this hugely admired, successful and socially impactful organisation in Madurai, India.


Inside Aravind Tour 2019

Between 27-31st January, 2019 join us as we go inside one of the world’s most admired, successful and socially impactful organisations – The Aravind Eye Care System in Madurai, India.

Aravind’s purpose is to ‘eradicate needless blindness’ and since inception in 1976 it has treated over 58.5m patients and performed 6.8m eye surgeries – 50% for free or significantly subsidised rates at a level of productivity, quality, profitability that serves as a model for the rest of the world.

Aravind can practice compassion successfully because it is run like a McDonald’s, with assembly-line efficiency, strict quality norms, brand recognition, standardisation, consistency, ruthless cost control and above all, volume. On every key metric of business performance: Purpose, Productivity, Profitability, Quality, Innovation, and Social Impact – Aravind excels.

Over the course of four days participants will get to understand every element of this truly remarkable organisation and experience the art of the possible. To see it is to believe it.

Wavelength believe Aravind is the worlds finest organisation. Find out why.

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Wavelength USA, Inside Silicon Valley 2018

Between June 24-29th Wavelength USA will take 25 business leaders into the heart of Silicon Valley and inside two organisations at the forefront of cultural and service excellence. 

Participants will visit Airbnb, Ritz-Carlton, GE, W.L. Gore & Associates (the company behind Gore-Tex) and RocketSpace (the tech campus where Uber & Spotify began) and hear from leading entrepreneurs/thought leaders on AI, Machine Learning, IOT, Big Data and Future of Work. 

Participants will also visit Umpqua – the self-titled ‘World’s Greatest Bank’. Subject to Harvard case studies for their reputation for service excellence Umpqua has been referred to as a ‘cultural phenomenon’. The visit will include their new Venture, Pivotus, designed to pivot the bank onto digital platforms.

The participants will be a richly diverse group of senior corporate executives and highly successful social entrepreneurs from Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia.
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“We came, we saw and we were blown away. More importantly we’ve done something about it. The whole purpose of education is not learning, but action. As a direct result of our amazing experience on Wavelength USA, we’ve set up ‘Hiscox Futures’, a simple, focused action group to tackle 21st century innovation and digital disruption”
Steve Langan, CEO, Hiscox Insurance Co. CEO, Direct Asia Group and CMO, Hiscox Group

“ …you [get] to see amazing companies with your own eyes… coming away with a basketful of insights and ideas stolen with their blessing!”
Tracey Ashworth-Davies, HR and Board Director, Molson Coors, UK

What our clients say

“Wavelength USA was a truly inspiring, mind changing experience…privileged access to some of the world’s finest companies and their leaders…a unique opportunity to examine great innovation and customer service.”

Mark Bailey, Director, Group Customer Management
Rolls-Royce plc

“…undoubtedly the most enlightening six days I have ever spent, learning radical ideas, observing great practice, and meeting brilliant people.”

Suvo Sarkar, General Manager, Retail Banking & Wealth Management
Emirates NBD