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We believe leaders learn best from leaders and that you can’t outsource change.

We scour the world for progressive organisations at the forefront of: innovation, disruption, engagement, service excellence, leadership resilience, social impact, transformation and change.

Our programmes provide senior leaders with unique insider access to these organisations – providing them with the inspiration, knowledge, connectivity and resourcefulness to devise their own solutions to core organisational and personal leadership challenges. This provides a radically different model for learning and a tangible return on investment.

That’s why clients and partners such as Apple, BBC, Dyson, The Guardian, LEGO, Pret a Manager, Airbnb, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Selfridges, Rolls Royce, Sainsbury’s, Tesla, Netflix and Warner Bros. are on our wavelength.

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Wavelength’s webinars provides audiences with access to our high-profile business leaders, talking on a range of pertinent topics. We provide opportunities to learn from those that have been there and done it, and to inspire business people globally.

How can businesses prepare for and take charge of creating and maintaining sustainable business models? A masterclass with Sue Garrard, former EVP of Sustainability at Unilever.

The clock is ticking. Never have we been so aware of our impending environmental crisis. Now is the time for large organisations  to step up and take responsibility for their environmental and social impact on the world. In this masterclass Sue will discuss how organisations can create sustainability strategies and how to inject urgency  by aligning them with business objectives. Sue delivers high quality advice, sharing her knowledge of the traps and the opportunities from hard-won experience.

The webinar is taking place on 6th November at 11am BST. Sign up here.