Platform and purpose – an interview with Aravind Srinivasan of Aravind Eyecare System

“How will you use your platform in life?” It’s a question that Dr Aravind Srinivasan, Chief Medical Officer & Director – Projects, of the Indian-based Aravind Eyecare System, frequently asks himself and other leaders like him. And he believes that platform goes hand in hand with finding your purpose as a leader and as a human being.

What is Wavelength Connect?

Wavelength Connect is an inspirational six-month leadership programme. Now in its tenth year, Connect provides participants with the inspiration, knowledge and mindset needed to lead change and solve core organisational challenges; from service excellence, innovation and disruption, to diversity and inclusion.

Leadership development and the Brexit challenge, thoughts from Adrian Simpson, Co-Founder of Wavelength

Planning for leadership development in a time of uncertainty is undeniably difficult but fundamentally necessary. And it’s not new news that the UK economy has rarely faced such uncertain times as it does today. As we prepare for our Wavelength USA 2020 programme visiting, amongst others, Amazon and Netflix, Adrian reflects what leaders in the age of Brexit-uncertainty can learn from those who survived the implosion of the dot com bubble.