Our Story

Wavelength is the passion of three friends: Adrian, Jess and Liam.

Here you will find a history – warts and all – of how we have ended up with the business we have today.

By 2007, we three were each at cross-roads in our respective lives. Ade after more than a decade of creating world beating leadership development programmes at innovation company ?What If! was itching to have his own business and develop new ideas. Jess had just had their second child and was determined to get back to using her immense creative skills (honed in the theatre) and event planning genius. Liam had created / led some dozen social venture businesses including at Fifteen were he worked with Jamie to build that cracking social enterprise, but had become a bit jaded of the CEO life.

So what would the business be? We knew that there were many leaders in different sectors, industries, countries, who were on the same wavelength. Senior corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, owner managers, social innovators – very diverse but united by a desire to deepen and broaden their leadership learning and insights and who valued the richness which diversity – when handled right – can bring.

So we thought let’s just go for it. Let’s invite the coolest people we know to a three-day event (in the middle of nowhere on the Berkshire Downs as it turned out) and see if they share our passion – and explore if there is a profitable business in this idea. So we plundered our address books and put every last ounce of relationship capital on the line. In October 2008, they came from all over the UK, Ireland, India, South Africa, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, USA, Canada, and Scandinavia to Wavelength100. It was a great event, hugely inspiring and full of learning and new relationships, partnerships and connections.

It gave us the confidence that we were really on to something. 2009 was spent fine tuning the business model, having sleepless nights, and finding ways of working that suited our very different styles, skill sets and enthusiasms. The highlight of that year was our visit to Grameen in Bangladesh as the guests of Nobel Laureate, Mohammed Yunus:

In late 2009, we went to market with Wavelength Connect and now we are working with our ninth cohort of leaders from across sectors and industries. Here’s a film of that very first cohort:

In June 2011 we ran our first Wavelength USA tour and this is now a regular fixture in our calendar bringing us to the heart of Silicon Valley.

At the end of 2017, Liam decided to carve a new path and founded As We Please leaving Wavelength in the hands of Ade and Jess. He continues to work with us as an Associate.

In 2019, we will run our first Inside Aravind tour to India. Hosted by Dr Aravind, we will explore this truly astonishing organisation and meet the team who continue to drive a sustainable business with the passion to “cure needless blindness”. Read more about the Aravind Eye Care System here.

We have a world class killer squad of designers, event facilitators, logistics and numbers ninjas who make it all happen. Check out our A-Team here.

We are proud of the purposefully inspirational business we are creating. A great place to work and part of a global network of inspired and inspiring leaders, financially strong and true to our bootstrap roots where well-being, friends and family come first. We are committed to verifying the impact we have and we published our first report in January 2016 – download the full report here – and are in the process of updating it with input form the Connect Alumni of 2016-18 now.

If you’ve got this far in the story why not get in touch and we can talk about how we might collaborate and so change the world for the better through business?