David is Head of Business and Marketing Development, Future Lab. LEGO created a ‘skunkworks’ team and factory and set about innovating from the inside. It is less than a decade since the LEGO Group was near bankruptcy. Many of its innovation efforts – theme parks, craft sets marketed to girls, a TV action figure called Galidor – were unprofitable or had failed outright. Today, as the overall toy market continues to decline, LEGO’s revenues and profits are up and climbing. This turnaround has been attributed to how LEGO now organises innovation.

Postcards from Reconnect 2019

Our speakers are always thought-provoking and inspiring so we’ve created a set of Postcards From Reconnect we thought you would enjoy – some great quotes that resonated with us and some lovely photos to remind you to keep finding the space in your time.

Glorious photos from Leading Change at Sheepdrove

In June we were back at Sheepdrove for our final Connect event of 2016. The weather may not have smiled on us, but our fascinating conversations about organisational and behaviour change made up for that.

George Evers shares his highlights of Wavelength Connect 2014

I arrived at Sheepdrove, the first venue of my Connect year, with the final leg of the journey being a beautiful drive through a misty countryside. Reassuringly, the signal on my Blackberry disappeared just as we arrived. Always a bitter sweet moment.

David Gram on how LEGO continues to invent the future of play through intrapreneurship

In this video, David Gram, Head of Business and Marketing Development, Future Lab, reveals how LEGO nearly lost it all, the challenges the organisation continues to face, and how they are innovating inside the larger organisation to ensure that they will “inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow”.