Connect is a six month programme bringing together 90 leaders from a diverse range of sectors and industries, who have the ambition and authority to make a real difference in their businesses. With clients from large corporates, social enterprises, charities and the public sector, we bring together a diverse community of top leaders to learn alongside and from each other.

"I have done the MBA, I have done the business school courses but Connect is in a league of it’s own. A truly powerful programme which has made me think differently about my leadership and my business." Frederico Santos, Customer Director, Carglass Portugal

Connect 2019

Connect is our leadership programme. It provides unequalled inspiration, education and connectivity through our highly participatory and experiential approach to learning.

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Connect gives you unique access to speakers and companies including:

What is Connect?

Wavelength Connect provides participants with the inspiration, knowledge, and resourcefulness to find their own solutions to the leadership and organisational challenges they are facing, and to own and action them.

Connect is based on a belief that leaders learn best from leaders and provides participants with access to inspiring, successful practitioners at the forefront of core business issues:

  • Service Excellence
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leading Change
  • Innovation
  • Disruption
  • Employee Engagement

Personal leadership challenges such as purpose, resourcefulness and resilience are also addressed.

Combining world class inspiration, a robust pedagogy, and an array of structures to land and share the learnings, Connect provides a radically different model for learning and a tangible return on investment.

Who is Connect for?

Connect is perfect for the top talent of your business. Leaders who are tipped to be the next board directors.

They will be people with the desire to explore and adapt their leadership styles in times of profound change. They will already have a forum to put into practice what they learn – their “own train set” as a Connect Alumnus put it.

It is primarily designed for teams and brings together leaders from worlds that would not normally interact – each year 90 leaders from the private sector, social sector businesses, and public-sector participate.


More detail:

Behind the Brand visits

Wavelength opens the doors to some of the world’s most iconic brands for you to experience first-hand how they create and sustain brilliant customer service, recruit and retain great talent, innovate and excel in an online omni-channel world. Our hosts have included: LEGO, Ikea, Apple, Google, Four Seasons, Pret A Manger, John Lewis, Eden Project, and Virgin Atlantic.

Highly Participatory Events

We gather speakers from around the world to address our themes of service excellence, digital innovation, employee engagement, organisational and personal change, and purpose. Recent speakers include senior leaders from Southwest Airlines, Unilever, LEGO, Guardian Media Group, Google, Tesla, Southbank Centre, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs and commentators.


Our Learning Structures

Tangible structures ensure the maximum ROI. These include: two bespoke in-house workshops to help participants prepare, leverage and embed the lessons; extensive resources – articles, videos, a private digital platform – to help participants connect and share the lessons learnt; and the Wavelength 8 framework which distils the characteristics of high performing organisations into a powerful collection of stories Connect participants can share with colleagues.


Our Learning Pedagogy

The learning style of Connect has remarkable similarities in approach to the respected educational pedagogy from Italy, Reggio Emilia. These include: reciprocity of learning, we collaborate to ask questions, seek value, and find transferable lessons; the amplification of learning, we emphasise the importance engaging the wider community in what has been learnt to drive maximum value and impact; and multiplicity, we return to themes on numerous occasions to bring an holistic understanding of the many ways to address challenges.

What our clients say

Connect is a Gatling gun of inspiration! The best leadership programme I’ve been on. It had a real impact on the way I lead and two years on I still use the stories and insights.

Tom Lane, Chief Operating Officer, RBS Busines Banking

Connect helped me navigate a time of profound change – for my industry, my company and for myself. It could not have come at a better time, and proved to be a real anchor and inspiration in a time of immense uncertainty.

Suzy Hay, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Guardian News and Media Group