Jonathan Carrier

Covering topics such as c-suite leadership, business strategy, employee engagement, customer experience and agile process, Jonathan talks about the intersection of key technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning and blockchain and how they are shaping value chains for large corporates to redefine the value they can create for consumers and themselves. He specialises in helping organisations deliver innovation at scale by working with startups and the broader eco-system, to access, test and develop new technologies that will deliver business growth. He talks openly about the speed of disruption taking place across industries and how this will lead to a dramatically different future.

He has over 20 years of corporate experience coupled with more recent start-up engagements as an advisor, mentor and non-executive for autonomous vehicles, flying cars and car sharing start-ups.  He uses this broad experience to frame the challenge and the opportunity of pursuing digital transformation from within.

Jonathan has recently taken up the role of leading the corporate development of AeroMobil, a leading player in flying cars and air transportation as a service. Responsible for fundraising activities and lead investor relations he also leads corporate strategy activities to deliver business partnerships and wider eco-system engagement to make flying cars a profitable reality.

He is also the former Head of Innovation at RocketSpace in Europe, a San Francisco based business that works with Fortune 500 companies and startups to drive innovation at scale.  He has broad experience as a corporate entrepreneur, founding and leading InMotion Ventures as a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, to build ventures and invest in mobility and smart transportation start-ups.