Lisa Gansky

For more than two decades Lisa has been a Silicon Valley based entrepreneur and angel investor focused on building companies where there are opportunities for timely disruption and resounding impact.

A founder and CEO of several internet companies, including GNN (the first commercial web publication) and the first online consumer photo sharing and print service, Ofoto (which she sold to Kodak), Lisa’s attention is on sustainable ventures with positive social impact. Her business, Mesh Ventures, is dedicated to working on business and societal transformation in partnership with corporations.

Lisa speaks, writes, invests and consults on the topics of business model innovation, creating a culture and strategies for innovation, trust, blockchain and unleashing entrepreneurship, the fiction of digital transformation and most lately coaches teams –  especially cultivating the space for women to lead and The Business of Trust.

Lisa has been a strategic adviser and consultant to Apple, Barclays, BBVA, Fujitsu, GE, Google, Guardian Life, Mozilla, Statoil and Swisscom. She is an advisor and investor in: 11FS, Breather, Clear Cove Energy, Everledger, Fabl, Feastly, La Ruche Qui Di Oui, Honest Buildings, Munchery, Muse AI, Neighborly, Science Exchange, Solar Mosaic, TaskRabbit, Traity, Tripping, Turo and Yerdle.

Lisa is the author of best sellers, The Mesh – Why the Future of Business is Sharing and Radical Trust: How Trust Works When Institutions Don’t.  Lisa is also the “instigator” behind the online Mesh Directory – “the pulse of the sharing economy”.