Lucy Adams

Lucy was at the BBC from 2009 until 2014. In those five years the BBC had four Director-Generals, opened the new BBC in Salford and the largest multi-media newsroom in Europe, delivered significant financial reductions and, of course, coped with numerous crises including pay-offs and Savile. Lucy was at the heart of all of these events and led on many more.

Lucy has led and delivered change in complex organisations for over 15 years, including as Group HR Director at Serco plc and Eversheds.

In 2014, Lucy became MD at creative communications agency, Firehouse, and founded Disruptive HR – an agency that brings fresh thinking to the HR profession.

Lucy always aims to provide her audiences with very practical take-aways and whilst she does include insights from the latest research, her speeches are essentially very earthy and pragmatic, based on years of actually delivering at the top of very large organisations. Her speeches are incredibly honest and filled with real life examples and anecdotes from the BBC and elsewhere.

And Lucy’s new fantastic book is available on pre-order here!