Paul Campbell

A serial intrapreneur, Paul Campbell is currently Chief Innovation Officer at the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre for WL Gore & Assoc. Well known for waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® fabric, the company’s portfolio includes everything from high-performance fabrics and implantable medical devices to mobile, automotive and aerospace electronics.

Paul leads the Gore Innovation Centre, located in Silicon Valley. Previously, he ran the Silicon Valley Innovation Centre for Schneider Electric, which was the first such facility for SE. The Gore Innovation Centre (GIC) is the first such facility at the company. At the GIC, they are revamping the innovation strategy of the company by being the catalyst for understanding and applying key techniques such as Open Innovation, Lean Innovation, Venturing, Business Model Innovation and Design Thinking. In their first few months of operation, they have already formed partnerships with and made investments in startups, the first such activities for Gore. 

Paul talks about how an innovation centre can be the catalyst for adopting new techniques inside large companies by creating a place where experiments & new approaches to innovation are allowed; agile decision-making; how new technologies and business models from outside the company spur new growth opportunities inside; and how organisational structures support both agile decision-making yet tight links to core stakeholders across the company.

Long before Eric Ries wrote his book, Paul has been practicing lean innovation as a critical tool to unlock great technologies from inside the labs of large companies.  By applying lean innovation principles that address the unique environment inside corporations, great ideas are unblocked and turn into large growth businesses. Paul has created a customer training curriculum on lean innovation that all innovation, technology and business leaders attended to ensure that the practice was adopted and far-reaching.

Paul is also an advisor to the World Economic Forum, the European Commission and numerous accelerators/incubators around the globe. He lectures at Bay Area universities on the unique leadership and organizational approaches necessary for large companies to capture disruptive innovations that lead to outsized growth…
and Fast Company recognition.