Rob Burnet

Rob Burnet is a two-times Emmy Award winning media producer based in Nairobi. He is chief executive of Well Told Story, a media research and production company operating across Kenya and Tanzania using insight, data and multi-platform media to create social and economic value with millions of young people, as well as corporate and development-focused clients.

Well Told Story has developed a set of unique research approaches that aim to understand young people and the often invisible forces that drive or frustrate their progress. This data informs Shujaaz, a stream of interconnecting comic books, FM radio, social media, video and TV that engages close to 8 million young people in a shared conversation proven to nudge measurable, normative social change on some of Africa’s most pressing goals and challenges.

Rob arrived in Kenya from Scotland by mistake 20 years ago. Before founding Well Told Story in 2009 he worked on large scale public interest TV, he made grants for the Ford Foundation, he set up the Kenyan visual arts studios, Kuona Trust, and he worked as a professional musician.