Steve Nevey Formerly Red Bull Racing on “Controlling the Controllable”

In this members-only video Steve Nevey shares his insights on being the best: how you get winning performances by identifying and planning for the unexpected. In the talk, Steve draws on 22 years of experiences of working with Formula 1 and most recently Red Bull Racing.

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In this video Steve Nevey draws on his experience of working with Red Bull Racing  and in Formula 1 to tell us about “controlling the controllable”. In essence Steve says that if there is anything that could be in your control then learn as much as you can about it so it becomes in your control. This helps to minimise the unpredictable things that happen when running a business. And when those unpredictable things do happen you can deal with it, discuss the situation with your team, put in new procedures, and practice so it becomes second nature.

It is important to take notice of the little things because they can make all the difference to success or failure.

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Steve Nevey was a key speaker at the Wavelength Connect event Reconnect 1 Leading for Innovation. To more videos for our Reconnect events go to Reconnect 2012.

Steve Nevey  has spent over 22 years in the world of Formula 1 Motor Racing working with Footwork Arrows, Stewart Grand Prix, Jaguar Racing and until recently double world champions Red Bull Racing. Steve has had a variety of technical and commercial management roles in Formula One.

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